[Can’t eat with glutinous rice]_Food Arrangement_Contraindication

[Can’t eat with glutinous rice]_Food Arrangement_Contraindication

Many people have not heard of this kind of food. In fact, this is often called rice wine. When it is tasted, this rice wine will have some wine flavor, and it will feel very sweet and quite high.Yes, but this kind of cuisine does not have much attention, so it is said that the general food can be eaten with glutinous rice, so that the taste will be better.

Boiled glutinous rice is also called brewed rice wine, wine maiden, lees, rice wine, sweet wine, sweet rice wine, glutinous rice wine, jiang rice wine, fermented rice wine, rice yeast, a flavored food made from glutinous rice or rice by yeast fermentation.The universe is high.

They are called differently from north to south.

Protein, protein, B vitamins, minerals, etc. in cereals are all inedible nutrients for the human body.

Boiled rice contains a small amount of ethanol, which can promote blood circulation, help digestion and increase appetite.

The brewing process changes with the progress of fermentation, etc. Mature wine brewing extends the division by 50.

108%, ethanol 2.

105% crude protein 3.

789%, 27 sugar.

765%, total acid 0.

301% (volatile acid 0.

031, non-volatile acid 0.

271%), 0 ash.


Rice is a kind of rice wine, also known as rice wine, sweet wine, and sour wine.

The fermented glutinous rice is fermented by glutinous rice (also known as river rice), which can help digestion and relieve summer heat.

The main raw material of glutinous rice is glutinous rice. The brewing process is simple, the taste is sweet and mellow, and the ethanol content is very small. Therefore, it is loved by people.

But many people still think it is sour and refuse to eat it.

In some acid production, glutinous rice wine is often used as an important seasoning.

Boiled rice is not only delicious, but also nutritious.

But it is not suitable for everyone. If you have liver disease (acute, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc.), it is not suitable to drink glutinous rice because alcohol has a direct stimulating effect on liver cells, otherwise it is not good for the disease.

The easiest way to eat is to eat raw rice.

Southerners customarily refer to the so-called processed rice dumplings as “raw wine brewing” or “raw rice wine” or “raw rice dumplings.”

Eating raw glutinous rice is to eat directly.

Among them, Xiaogan’s “Xiaogan Rice Wine” in Hubei (Hubei is often called “Fu Jujiu”) is taken as an example. The locals eat it raw or slightly white water. Therefore, “Xiaogan Rice Wine” has become the favorite of Hubei people.

However, this way of eating is also particular about it. The fermented glutinous rice that has just been fermented is slightly warm and the taste is sour. It will be delicious after it has been completely cold.

Later, there was a refrigerator, and it was enough to put in the pot with the rice dumplings. You could not only eat the cold rice dumplings, but also prevent the rice dumplings from becoming sour due to excessive fermentation.