[How to make crab porridge for children?

】 _Children_How to do

[How to make crab porridge for children?
】 _Children_How to do

Crab is a very delicious food. Adults like it, and even children love it.

Of course, there are many crab practices, and different approaches can satisfy different groups of people.

For example, friends who like to eat shabu-shabu, like to eat crabs, and some friends who like to barbecue and drink, can also eat crabs.

Crabs are usually given to children to make porridge.

So, how to make crab porridge for children?

Method: Prepare the original materials, mix the glutinous rice with the previous rice, wash it, take in excess water, boil on high heat, and then turn to low heat and slowly cook the crabs and crabs under running water with a brush, then open the cover of the crab and crab shellStir the two ends with a spoon a few times before chopping from the two ends of the crab to remove the impurities from the crab. Then take out the crab yellow. When the porridge is cooked to eight, join the ginger slices and pour in the processed crabs, cover with low heatSlow-cook for five minutes and cook with salt and pepper to taste. Initially pour the shallots and begin to average the effect of anti-tuberculosis, nourish detoxifying cholecystitis, and patients with gallstones. Crabs: Do not use crabs with sweet potatoes, pumpkin, honey, orange, pear, pomegranate, Tomatoes, melon, peanuts, snails, celery, persimmon, rabbit meat, nepeta; eat cold drinks that are not edible with crabs can cause diarrhea.

Crabs have the effects of relieving muscles and invigorating qi, regulating stomach and digestion, passing through the meridians, dispersing heat, and dissipating blood stasis.

The crab meat tastes salty and cold, and has the functions of clearing heat, dissipating blood stasis, and nourishing yin. It can treat bruises, tendon fractures, and allergic dermatitis.

Calcined ash of crab shell, honey, and external application can cure wasp sting or other unknown swelling and poison.

Crab meat has a better effect on hypertension, arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, hyperlipidemia and various cancers.

At the same time, it is a natural supplement for children. Regular consumption can supplement various trace elements necessary for children’s body.

Salmonella is often found in crabs, and it should be thoroughly heated to kill them, otherwise it may cause acute retinitis or food poisoning, and even endanger human life.

Never eat dead (or dying) crabs, raw crabs or cold crabs.

There are four ways to eat crabs: one is to remove the gills, and it is shaped like eyebrows on the top and bottom of the crab.In the middle of the crab oil, it is closely connected to the stomach and has a hexagonal shape, which is difficult to identify;

These four things often contain a lot of bacteria, viruses, and dirt, which must be removed.