[Can you eat bread and bananas for breakfast?

】 _Breakfast_How to eat

[Can you eat bread and bananas for breakfast?
】 _Breakfast_How to eat

Breakfast is the most important meal of the three meals. If the breakfast is not or ca n’t eat well, it will easily affect the work of the day, and may cause diseases in the long term. Banana bread is OK for breakfast, butWhen you eat bananas, it is best not to eat bananas on an empty stomach, and don’t eat bread and bananas for breakfast. You can eat them with porridge or buns or something.

Breakfast must be accompanied by good quality protein foods, such as milk, eggs, cheese, meat, etc., the best ratio of starch and protein supplement is 11: 1.

The description indicates that breakfast is based on two slices of bread, sandwiched with ham, cheese, 1 fried egg, a few slices of cucumber or tomato, and served with 1 cup of milk or juice, which is a “golden breakfast” that can provide energy once a day.

The following foods also have a refreshing effect, you may wish to add some for breakfast.

Spinach Spinach contains magnesium, a mineral that women tend to lack.

The role of magnesium in the human body is to convert the retina in the muscle into available energy.

Bananas are known as “high-energy foods” and contain glucose that is easily absorbed by the body, while also supplementing potassium.

Studies have shown that too low potassium can cause muscle pain, arrhythmia, slow response, etc., while eating a few bananas can supplement potassium deficiency.

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which helps the body absorb iron and nourish cells. Therefore, eating more strawberries can make the body fuller.

Oatmeal is a kind of acidic fiber food. The energy release is slow and balanced, so that the human body’s blood sugar has been maintained at a high level, so it will not feel aging and full of energy quickly.

Skimmed yogurt Many women experience fatigue and lethargy before and after menstruation.

A study has shown that eating more calcium-rich foods, such as skimmed yogurt, can significantly improve this condition.

Tuna In high-protein fish, tuna is rich in tyrosine. Tyrosine in the human body can help produce neurotransmitting substances in the brain, making people focus and have quick thinking.