Four seasons of health

Four seasons of health

Insufficient qi, beauty, whitening skin, eyesight, and amazing longevity.

“The scorpion can be taken all year round.

So how do you fit in the best of the year to achieve its best results?

  In spring, all things are reviving, and the human body’s yang is gradually rising.

It can be taken alone in spring or in combination with sweet and lukewarm products to help people develop yang, such as jaundice.

  Summer is hot, people always crave a pot of cool tea to eliminate heat, scorpion sweet, if you are equipped with daisy, honeysuckle, green tea, etc., you can feel refreshed.

Especially in combination with chrysanthemum, it can nourish the eyesight and clear the liver fire.

  Autumn leaves are dying, the air is dry, people always feel dry lips and cracks, skin swarf, with a lot of moisturizer is also difficult to resist the bleak autumn wind.

Eating scorpions this season requires moisturizing foods, some Sydney, Chuanbei, Lily, Polygonatum, etc., the effect is better.

Of course, you can also use some acidic foods, such as hawthorn, to achieve the effect of “sour and yin”.

  In the winter, people wrap themselves into thick cotton coats to help their yang to withstand the cold.

The scorpion can make up the yang, and take it every day, especially with the combination of mutton, Cistanche, Basil, and gold instead of Shenqi Pill. It helps the body to grow yang and resist the cold of nature.

  However, not everyone can enjoy such food, those who have weak spleen and stomach and have cold and dampness, diarrhea; when they feel hot and evil, they can’t eat lice, otherwise it will add to the frost.

9 effective weight loss methods for lazy people

9 effective weight loss methods for lazy people

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean a sweaty workout or a painful diet.

Losing weight is a gradual process that can be easily slimmed down by changing your daily routine.

Introduce 9 weight loss methods for lazy people.

  1. Burn fat in the office at work, replacing the office chair with a large balance ball.

Since sitting on the balance ball needs to adjust the balance from time to time, you can consume 260 calories in one day.

  2, do not eat starch rice two days a week, noodles and potatoes are the direct source of starch, which is the source of conversion.

Eat only vegetables, meat and fruit two days a week, giving the body fat a burning gap.

  3, when chewing gum mouth, you need to suppress the urge to eat snacks, chew gum first, even if you can’t help but eat, you will eat 10% less than chewing gum.

  4, reduce the bedroom problem Sleeping in a cool low temperature bedroom will make the body consume more heat, 19 degrees is the ideal temperature.

  5, eat more spicy in the gradual release of pepper, can accelerate the metabolic rate of up to 23%, help burn fat.

  6, to maintain a peace of mind According to statistics, women in a state of stress, consumption conversion is 104 calories less than a peaceful person.

  7, drink less than two glasses of beer, the body fat burning rate reduced by 73%.

  8. If you can move, don’t talk while you are on the phone. When you use your mobile phone to send and receive emails, you don’t have to sit up. You can take the stairs and don’t take the elevator. These daily small moves will make you burn more aunts.

  9. The result of 10 minutes of proper exercise is to increase the rate of metabolism in the next hour. Why not?

Eliminate constipation, damage the waist and a small stroke, clear the intestines and leave no sputum

Eliminate constipation, damage the waist and a small stroke, clear the intestines and leave no sputum

Waist and abdomen exercise can thin the waist and smother the constipation. The healthy body is in and out of the way, control is free, as long as it is a little hindered, it will cause inconvenience and damage.

In terms of the digestive tract, statistics show that 60% of office workers have constipation leaks.

Thin waist exercise can help the abdomen lose weight and solve the secret of constipation.

Let’s take a look at these white-collar and thin-waist movements.

  Learn to relax the skills of office workers, especially the powder collars, to avoid constipation drainage, first of all to learn the skills of relaxation, let the parasympathetic nerves have the opportunity to reconcile the autonomic nerves; diet more fruits and vegetables, high fiber, to loose stoolsThe plasma; plus more abdominal exercise, increase the peristalsis of the intestines to promote the role of interventional emptying, improve the function of the colorectal.

The following three waist and abdomen movements have a good effect on constipation: 1.

Touch the neck to beat the high step: the right hand touches the neck, the left hand beats the back waist, it is best to hold the heart, while the left knee tries to raise to the upper right, the head turns to the left.

Keep your body straight and change sides.

  Efficacy: pat appropriate, waist, help the activation of parasympathetic nerves.

The upper body is straight and helps the stomach to vent, eliminating the expansion gas.

High stepping exercise, using the thigh and thigh to stimulate the abdomen, assisting the abdominal intestines to massage the wrist, which is beneficial to defecation.


The method of stretching the chest and twisting the waist and belly is as follows: half a step, two hands clenching fists, shoulders and elbows bent 90 degrees, next to the body, fists up, keep the upper body posture, only turn the waist and abdomen to the left and right, rotate once per second, mouth ZhangOpen and loose, let the lungs air in and out naturally.

  Efficacy: micro-squatting, fixed waist joints and lower limbs, the upper body also maintains posture, only turn the waist and abdomen, can train the abdominal oblique muscles, and squeeze the colonic large intestine to help the stool shape and discharge.

  Relax and let the air in and out naturally, and soothe your mind and body.


Hold your knees and legs fart. Practice: Lying on the bed, bending your feet, holding your knees with your hands, extending your legs, bending your hips and hips.

  Efficacy: lying on the knees and legs, can exert pressure on the abdomen, promote the movement of the air in the intestines, trigger the feeling of fart, and coordinate the correction of the contraction and relaxation, so that the row can have a more regular cycle.

Slim body may also have obesity problems

Slim body may also have obesity problems

Is your weight within the normal range?

Even if the answer is yes, don’t take it lightly.

According to the US “Health Day” network reported on April 2, scientists found that normal weight is not equal to healthy weight, although slim, may also have obesity problems.

  Scientists at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, collected data on 2,127 top-level people who participated in the third national health and nutrition analysis survey in the United States.

The researchers specifically analyzed health risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

It was found that 61% of the people had normal body weight but the body was slightly over-standard, and they had “normal overweight.”

The study’s moderator, Dr. Francisco, said that normal weight does not necessarily equal healthy weight; in normal-weight Americans, more than half of the adult population is too high.

These people, like those who are overweight, are also prone to high blood pressure, diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

The study found that although the ratio of height to weight is normal, more than 20% of men and more than 30% of female adults are “normal weight”

“Excessive body fat is very harmful, especially if there are too many abnormal organs such as the liver, it is very likely to be fatal.

“The researchers at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting in Chicago specifically pointed out that doctors and patients should be aware that weight is not the only way to diagnose certain related diseases.

Doctors should also recommend active exercise and maintain a healthy diet to reduce the level of aunts, especially abdomen aunts.

Esophageal cancer Chinese medicine side – phlegm and stagnation

Esophageal cancer Chinese medicine side: phlegm and dampness

Symptoms of stomach cramps or sternal discomfort, pain, do not think about diet, or food is post-sternal discomfort, or swallowing is not smooth, always have vomiting and nausea, pale tongue, tongue marks on the tongue, pulse slippery.

The treatment consists mainly of moistening and dissolving phlegm, and the main components of the qi and stagnation drugs.

  Wuzi San (“Wan disease rejuvenation”) composition: Laizizi, perilla, white mustard each 15 grams, hawthorn meat, fragrant aconite (to hair) 3 grams each.

  Usage: The medicine is the end.

3 grams each time, boiled water to serve.

  Efficacy: Qi down.

  Indications: discouraged, swollen foraging.

  Wuyi Kuanzhong San (“Taiping Huimin and Agent Bureau”) Alias: Kuan Zhong San (“Shi Yi Defence”).

  Composition: white bean curd (peeled) 60 grams, 150 grams of licorice, woody 90 grams, magnolia (peeled, ginger juice mustard cooked) 500 grams, shredded sage, clove, green skin (to white), dried tangerine peelWhite) 120 grams each, fragrant aconite (fried, depilated) 500 grams.

  Usage: The medicine is fine.

6 grams each time, add 2 slices of ginger, salt concentration, boiling soup, no matter when.

  Efficacy: wide and wide.

  Indications: Five shackles.

First, sorrow, gas in the chest, fluid in the body, no diet, short and short.

The second is 恚膈, the heart is full, the diet is not lost, the urine is not good.

The third is discouraged, the chest is full of imperfections, the congestion is unreasonable, and the breath is sour and smelly.

The fourth is chilling, heart fullness, coughing and anger, abdominal cold, thundering around the umbilical pain, can not eat fat.

The fifth is enthusiasm, five hearts in the heat, mouth rotten sores, limbs irritability, dry lips, body or heat, back pain, chest back, can not eat more.

  Gancao drink (“External Secrets” cited “small side”) composition: 6 grams of licorice, rhubarb (stain) 9 grams, 6 grams of astragalus.

  Usage: Apply 600 ml of water to the medicine, fry two or three times, go to sputum and serve.

  Efficacy: heat and medium.

  Indications: The food is spit out and cannot be sheltered.

  Lishen glutinous soup (“Mixed disease” refers to “Certificate of Remedy”) Composition: Pinellia, orange red, tamping, betel nut 9 grams, 3 grams of agarwood, platycodon, melon wilting, fried berberine, fried hawthorn, fragrant attached, fine tea, 6 grams of white mustard, 12 grams of gypsum.

  Usage: Decoction of the medicine, go to sputum, 2 times warm clothes.

  Efficacy: lowering the gas, smashing and smashing.

  Indications: esophageal tumor, gas stagnation, esophageal obstruction, stagnation and heat, no diet.

  Qi Xiao San (“Medical Mind”) (composed) Shashen, Danshen each 9 grams, 茯苓 3 grams, Sichuan Fritillaria (to heart) 4.

5 grams, turmeric L5 grams, Amomum vulgaris 1.

2 grams, 2 lotus leaves, 杵 糠 L5 grams.

  Usage: The medicine is crude, decoction.

  Efficacy: Run dry and relieve phlegm, phlegm and blood.

  Indications: esophageal tumors, swallowing lower limbs, ingestion is spit, or vomiting towards the food, stomach cramps, painful tongue, Shaojin, dry stool.

  Addition and subtraction: weaker, plus ginseng; blood stasis, add peach kernel, safflower, or another use of raw leeks juice drink; both hoarders, agglomerated orange; both food producer, Calais scorpion, malt,Hawthorn.

  Shunqi and Zhongtang (“Wan disease rejuvenation”) composition: dried tangerine peel (salt dip, fried) 3 grams, Pinellia (sweet ginger juice), white peony (peeled) each 2.

1 gram, Atractylodes (go to Lu, soil fried) 2.

4 grams, tamping (broiled fried) 1.

5 grams, 3 grams of fragrant (rice vinegar dip, fried), 1 gram of Amomum villosum (fried), berberine (garlic juice and pork bile stir-fried) 1.

8 grams, 3 grams of hawthorn (Ginger juice fried black), Divine Comedy (fried) 1.8 grams, 1 gram of licorice.

  Usage: add 3 tablets of ginger, 200 ml of water, fry until 140 ml, go to sputum, another person Zhu Li, children’s stool, ginger juice warm clothes, no time.

  Efficacy: qi and phlegm, spleen and stomach.

  Indications: esophageal cancer, sputum nausea, noisy acid, suffocating suffocation, tingling tingling, nausea and vomiting.

  Addition and subtraction: qi deficiency, plus jaundice, ginseng 2 each.

4 grams; blood deficiency, plus angelica 2.

1 gram, Chuanxiong 1.

5 grams; angry or gas is not comfortable, plus Lu medicine L 5 grams, 1 grams of woody; chest full of stuffy, Calais scorpion (fried) 1.

8 grams; the heart is noisy, heartburner, plus Wu Hao 1.

2 grams, times berberine, Atractylodes; for vomiting, add fragrant stems 2.

1 g.
  The composition of the gods (“Medical Rejuvenation”): green skin, dried tangerine peel, three edges (fried), fragrant (children’s fried), 莪 各 each 30 grams, Divine Comedy, malt (fried), Lai Zizi (fried), white ugly (head)))), betel nut, turmeric, berberine each 15 grams, eucalyptus 9 grams, herb cream, saponin 7 each.

5 grams.
  Usage: The medicine is fine, the batter is pill, such as mung bean.

Each time 30 pills, the top of the disease, for the food, with hot wine, ginger soup delivery service.

  Efficacy: qi qi stagnation, digestion and accumulation.

(Indications) The gas and food are full, the chest is tingling, and the kidney is irritated.

  The secret recipe of stagnation pills (“Danxi Heart Method Supplement”) consists of: Nanmuxiang (owner, no fire), cloves (going to sputum, no fire), green skin (four flowers, go to 瓤), red orange peel (Water immersion, go white), berberine (larger) each 7.

5 grams, Jing Sanling (slow fire 煨), 莪 ( (slow fire 煨) each 15 grams, Pinellia sinensis (white glutinous rice, powder, ginger juice and cake, dried).

5 grams.
  Usage: The medicine is fine.
Take the croton to shell, boil the soup, boil one by one, go to the heart membrane, simmer in a pottery, immerse in rice vinegar for one night, simmer slowly to vinegar, take 18 grams, and grind fine.

Spread the prodrug and the person.

Another ebony (using thick meat), broken nuclear, fine gravel, fire baked, research fine, take 15 grams, adjust with rice vinegar, slightly clear, slow fire into a paste, with the prodrug and even, with white noodles 24Gram, the water is turned into a paste, such as corn.

Each time 5 to 7 pills, the body is strong, 10 pills, five more fasting with orange peel soup.

  Efficacy: qi and gas accumulation.

  Indications: food stagnation, heart and abdomen pain.

  Taboo: Pregnant women do not take it.

  Xiaoying Wanying Decoction (“Shen Tien Tong Qu Han”) consists of 9 grams of mantle, 6 grams of large belly skin, 3 grams of Zhenchuan Park, Laizizi (Amomum.

5 grams of stir-fried) 6 grams, six gods of music 4.

5 grams, Chen Xiang suede 2.

2 inner gold, human white (calcined) 1.

5 grams, 5 small groups of lights.

  Usage: Syrup on the medicine.

  Efficacy: chemical expansion and swelling.

  Indications: qi stagnation, chest and abdomen fullness.

  Zishen Pills (“Suqi disease and gas should be life-saving”) composed of: 9 grams of Pinellia sinensis, 6 grams of ebony (nuclear), 9 grams of ochre, 3 grams of almonds (peeled, pointed), 6 grams of cloves,9 grams of Amomum villosum, 3 grams of agarwood, 6 grams of betel nut, 3 grams of woody, 15 grams of dried tangerine peel, white cardamom 1.

5 grams, 3 grams of Atractylodes, croton cream (other research) 1.

5 grams.
  Usage: The medicine is fine, into the croton cream and evenly, the rice vinegar paste is a pill, such as glutinous rice.50 pills each time, served with ginger soup after meals.

  Efficacy: lowering the stomach and reducing the spleen.

  Indications: Cold and evil food, hinder in the middle of the coke, or first vomiting and then spit, or first spit and then pain.

  Spleen Pills (“Renzhai Zhifang Fang”) consists of: 90 grams of spleen, 60 grams of Jingsanling, 15 grams of good ginger (600 ml of 3 medicinal rice vinegar boiled in a porcelain bottle, chopped hot, roasted)Green skin (to white) 30 grams, Nanmuxiang, does not decompose saponin (burning) 15 grams each, 12 grams of herbal cream.

  Usage: The medicine is the end.
Use 15 grams of Chuanba Bean, remove the shell and grind it like mud, gradually spread into the end of the medicine, and batter for the pill, such as pockmark.

Each time 5 pills, add 10 pills, and serve with orange peel soup.

  Efficacy: stagnation.

  Indications: diet stagnation, bloating and suffocation, vomiting and sore, constipation.

  Increased damage Qiqi San (“古今名方”) composition: Chuanbei mother, turmeric, angelica, peach kernel, sand ginseng, python, acute, kelp 9 grams, salvia, seaweed 12 grams each, safflower 6 grams.
  Usage: Decoction of the medicine, go to sputum, 2 times warm clothes.
  Efficacy: phlegm and softness, blood circulation.

  Indications: The middle stage of esophageal cancer is stagnation and stagnation. Symptoms are difficult to swallow. Even water is difficult to drink. Chest pain, vomiting, sticky stool, or vomiting like red bean juice, body weight loss, dry skin, tongueRed or purple, with a fine pulse.

Sleeping 8 hours per night, increases the risk of worry and depression

Sleeping 8 hours per night, increases the risk of worry and depression

People who are not sleeping properly are more difficult to handle wake up information.

This may mean that lack of sleep increases the persistence of mood reduction in daily life and is likely to be a risk factor for depression.

The French health magazine TOPSANTE reported that a study published in the American medical journal Behavioral Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry showed that sleeping once every 8 hours would increase the risk of anxiety and depression.

Researchers at Binghamton University and the State University of New York evaluated the time to sleep and the length of sleep for people who often had negative emotions.

Research participants watched multiple images, each of which produced a different emotional response.

Researchers have found that people with abnormal sleep are more difficult to deal with.

This may mean that lack of sleep increases the persistence of mood reduction in daily life and is likely to be a risk factor for depression.

Meredith, a professor of psychology at Binghamton University?

Coles) said, “Poverty-stricken people repeatedly think about negative thoughts in their minds.

People with normal sleep can easily accept the information and then focus on other things.”

However, repeated chewing of the news has affected people with different types of anxiety or depression.

Researchers are still studying further, how sleep time and sleep time can improve the treatment of mental illness.

If their theory is correct, their research may cause psychologists to treat anxiety and depression by changing the sleep time of patients with mental illness.

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During the deep sleep period, the long-term sleep is insufficient in the fourth stage, what changes will the body have?

The first point is poked. Women’s wrong posture can also lead to infertility, do you believe?